Today is the day we release the Habitat EP

Let me tell you a little bit about this release. Habitat is a pretty typical austra song in that its made up of synths, drums and some big woman vocals. The other three tunes are more different than anything we’ve released before because we decided to remove a key component of our sound: my voice. And this doesn’t mean that I’m gonna stop writing music with vocals, but it is a good chance for you to ingest our sound without the epic distraction that tends to oversahdow some of our more sublte ideas. And so, here are some short explanations about what we were thinking/feeling when these songs were written, I certainly hope you enjoy them:

1. Habitat

Most have you have heard Habitat already cause its an old song. However, it had not been properly recorded until now. Actually, it was recorded, but we kept changing it and remixing it and adding parts and taking them away. After we released Olympia a LOT of people seemed kinda pissed it wasn’t on the record so we decided to give it its very own EP. We hired Rusty Santos to re-mix (as opposed to remix) the track, and he added the flavour we had been looking for all this time. If Olympia was an adventure of abandoning computers, this release is about loving them whole. We erased the real drum kits and the guitar bass from the pro-tools sessions and went entirely electronika once again.

2. Doepfer

Maya wrote Doepfer. Originally we were just going to release Habitat and Hulluu but then out of nowhere Maya presented this track. I love anything that involves filtering an analogue sequence so I was easily charmed. My favorite thing though, is the melody in the bass line. Follow the path it creates and this song become something more than a repetitive beat. There is a story to be told of a hopeful sadness marred by confusion and disorder.

3. Bass Drum Dance

I have always loved the idea of writing music for films. I used to do it when I was younger, as well as writing songs for my friends that were performance artists and dancers. This song to me feels like it should be on a screen. Its about creating sonic textures, the rise and fall and variation of the simple “violin,” and finally the space between near the end of the track. Bass Drum Dance is intended to colour a room and manipulate a feeling. It is the opposite of anthemic: the climax happens when everything is quiet.

4. Hulluu

I don’t know why I don’t write more music like this. Its so refreshing to abandon the idea that everything you do has to be anthemic. The simplicity of this track is a sound and a beat. Sometimes these two things come together so easily, and within moments you have a song. At one point I tried to sing on this track but it sounded dumb.. unless I become a rapper (album 3???) I don’t think its for me. Actually I guess the whisper vocals are kinda like me rapping… I guess when I try to make rhythm with words I just turn into a warlock.

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