Ok. I’ve been thinking lately about the best way to communicate my radical feminist agenda and I’m looking for a bit of advice. Let me run through a few options, and you tell me which you think might be most effective:

1. Stay quiet till I get really famous and then unleash this big feminist manifesto (like Beyonce) so everyone HAS to hear me and its impossible for my politics to supersede my art. (except I won’t reference sexual abuse in my raps)

2. Stay quiet until I quit music due to a lack of success/frustration and THEN come out with a big feminist manifesto so everyone feels that they have wronged me and understands the oppression I experienced. (This has a possible negative outcome being that people could just be like “shes bitter” or “thats not why she didn’t make it its cause she sucks”) although could also be very effective.

3. Talk about it every day and tweet/blog/fbook/yell every time I experience an inequality so people are constantly reminded and bombarded of the challenges. like “today I was told I didn’t have enough hetero sex appeal to be successful” or “today I was told I can’t be on the cover of the magazine cause the mag already had a woman this year.” Obviously this option has some issues too in that I may very quickly just become preachy and annoying.

4. Talk about it sparingly, while strategically separating the feminist messages with neutral comments about food or weather so they seem more spontaneous and less emotionally charged.

5. Rename my project “fuck the patriarchy”

6. Never mention it but just try REALLY HARD to be successful against all challenges (like making it on DJ mags top 100 Djs of the year, making it on major radio without a hotshit dude producer behind you, starting a successful record label and selling 1000000+ records, etc) and then just act like it was totally effortless the whole time, and that I don’t get why more women don’t do what I’ve done. (Then I won’t be called a feminist in my lifetime but after I die people will look back on me and say “wow what a great feminist she got so far in a male-dominated industry”)

K thanks!

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    I would say 4, because that’s what it seems to me you’ve done so far, and it seems to be effective. When I started to...
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