check out my new synth

check out my new synth

Photo by Kate young. Pre-order the #habitatEP in the store ⬆️

Photo by Kate young. Pre-order the #habitatEP in the store ⬆️


We are thrilled to finally announce HABITAT our new EP out June 17th !!

Stream the track, and get an immediate download if you pre-order:

HABITAT will be available digitally, and as a limited edition 12” vinyl. The single also includes 3 new instrumental tracks: our latest computer music experiments.

Pre order:
Habitat iTunes:
Habitat 12”:

Bass Drum Dance

cover photo by matt lambert, design by anna-sophia vukovich

regram via @dielamb !!!

regram via @dielamb !!!

video shoot with @dielamb

video shoot with @dielamb

Photography by Kate Young

We invited our friend, and long-time collaborator, to join us in the desert and take some photos.

See below, images from Palm Springs, Coachella and Joshua Tree. Can you feel the sunlight?


Joshua Tree by Kate Young

Coachella by Kate Young

As you can see, we are happiest in artist catering. The show was fun. I got tired by the end and decided to sit down.

Palm Springs by Kate Young

We rented a house in Palm Springs and called in Casa Austra. There were grapefruit trees in the backyard and lemon trees in the front yard so when we weren’t playing music we were sitting around the pool drinking agua fresca.


bugs me how publications like complex will profile interesting artists in order to sell copies/get clicks and then shit on their records? it happens to me all the time- pitchfork and that ilk being like “can we interview you?” after totally taking the piss out of me in a review. have a stance on an artist and stick to it. don’t act like you respect them then throw them under the bus.

Wow so Complex actually came back a refuted this comment.

This situation supports my last post: the fact that Izzy was made a cover girl before Complex had heard her music is a clear indication that the magazine was not supporting her for her skillz. It is a style mag, of course.

I have a problematic relationship with journalists in general: sometimes it seems like they operate as a heard. A wave of similar opinion sweeps over the internet, and then changes direction in unison. I think its important as a journalist to think less about what people “want” (which is how complex justified this cover), and more about what excites you.

Milkweed can save the Monarch Butterflies

Plant these guys in your garden this year and the butterflies will have a chance!



Things i’ve learned about photography since becoming a real band a few years ago:

1. wearing your pyjamas to a press day is a bad idea cause all the photos on the internet end up looking like you literally “woke up like this”

2. photos in general are really hard, its really to make an image that seems natural but still conveys your creative intentions

3. photoshop is ok in moderation: sometimes i see photos of myself and i don’t recognize my own face which is weird. But, i’d rather cover up a big pimple with a computer than have to wear a whole bunch of make-up for 4 hours.

4. the ultimate goal it to be able to communicate your personality in a photograph, and its really hard to do if a whole bunch of people staring at you while you try to look nice makes you uncomfortable. i have a lot of respect for models and other artists who seem to do this really well, it takes a lot of self confidence and self assuredness to be able to take good photos i think.

As a woman in music people often expect you to also be a model which is kind of a bummer. Becuase a lot of music magazines are reluctant to photograph women most female artists get the majority of their press in fashion magazines. Like Lykke Li for example: I’d sooner see her on the cover of Vogue than the cover of Rolling Stone, and the reasons for this can be confusing and daunting for other women trying to get credit for their musical skillz.


We are pleased to announce a very special show at Oval Space on July 10th with our friends Blue Hawaii and MAXIXE.

Tickets are available here with with early bird prices:

See you in July!