Apr 23


We are pleased to announce a very special show at Oval Space on July 10th with our friends Blue Hawaii and MAXIXE.

Tickets are available here with with early bird prices:


See you in July!

Owen Pallett’s new video has the vibe

Apr 20

last nite in paradise

last nite in paradise

Apr 19

One thing I have to mention about Coachella thats kind of a bummer is the number of people who wear headdresses as a fashion accessory. It’s a form of cultural appropriation I find really offensive. Mostly because in North America millions of aboriginal people were displaced and killed when the European settlers moved in. And today, many people living on the native reserves are living in extreme poverty and are constantly having to defend their land against greedy industrialists. The hollywood fantasy of the “indian” is not accurate and tends to camouflage a real, more serious problem. Wearing a headdress, to me, shows a lack of awareness of the on going problem and that must be remedied.

 There is a really sick aboriginal DJ/production crew from Canada called A Tribe Called Red who mix traditional pow wow vocals and drumming with dance production. You should check them out. They are vocal supports of the Idle No More movement (http://www.idlenomore.ca/) and also wrote an open letter requesting that people stop wearing headdresses and warpaint at their shows, i.e. dressing up in redface.


Apr 18


Yesterday was the official launch of the Austra store! All our merchandise, including T-Shirts, is now available for purchase here:


Have fun shopping!

Apr 14

Apr 12

future life

future life



Apr 06

Kansai Yamamoto

Matt Lambert


Apr 05

red, with @misskateyoung

red, with @misskateyoung

Legowelt also made this

Fashion Inspration for Coachella

Best Album Cover 2014